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Truly Great Coffee

Colombia's speciality coffee - DIRECT FROM THE FARMER.

Our Speciality Colombian Coffee selections are rich in flavour but never bitter, full of body with perfectly balanced acidity.  Ideal to self roast from our sourced beans or to purchase roasted or for Baristas who want that extra coffee edge.

The beans are not only 100% sourced within Colombia, but are all generated from the regional Farmers Co-op.

Being able to source quality beans from the Co-Op means that we only select the finest Speciality Colombian Coffee beans which are quality contolled and only then do we ship them. This ensures freshness , quality, taste and pricepoint like no other coffee on the Australian market.


Why 100% Colombian?


Colombian coffee has been famous around the world, since the early 1900's for not only it's quality & flavour, but for the colorful country which thrives on this energising business. It has become even more famous over the past decade originating the finest coffee microlots in the world.

As it is one of the very few countries in the world with steady temperatures all year through, production never stops. And so the overwhelming diversity of ecosystems are the secret to Colombia's reputation as the number one quality coffee producing nation in the world. 


Each region in Colombia produces coffee beans with completely different characteristics. Some regions are higher than others, more humid or drier, less volcanic, or surrounded by completely different ecosystems. Colombia also offers countless varieties of Arabica beans, Geishas, Virrey and many others. 

Being able to source such a variety of quality beans from the family co-op means that we select only the finest beans.

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Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


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Our coffee is Fairtrade and supports a CO-OP of farmers.

Thanks to conscious buyers and Sphere Coffee Co being able to provide the cycle to  buy directly from the Co-Op, farmers in our Region might be able to pull through its poverty rate.

Most of our coffee farms are small and through our chain can now reach a market as significant as Australia. 

The movement of their coffee has already gained a significant amount of traction, and continuing to support the Co-Op, could be the key to raising the region out of poverty.


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